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ColdFusion Administrator Mobile (CFAM)
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ColdFusion Administrator Mobile (CFAM) Issue: Not working on Samsung Galaxy Vibrant

Name: Not working on Samsung Galaxy Vibrant
ID: 1
Project: ColdFusion Administrator Mobile (CFAM)
Type: Bug
Area: Front End
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Faisal Abid
Created: 08/11/10 5:24 PM
Updated: 08/11/10 5:26 PM
Description: On the Nexus one, CFAM works perfectly. For example clicking on the Logs works fine on the Nexus One.(http://www.g-unix.com/Nexus.png) however the same page on the vibrant looks like this (http://www.g-unix.com/Vibrant.png) . This works fine also on the Droid and the G1.

History: Created by Faisalabid (Faisal Abid) : 08/11/10 5:24 PM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 08/11/10 5:26 PM
THis is the same issue as the iPhone. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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